Fall Class On Demand (recording)

Jodi Parker
Online Family Classes (location info)
Monday, Anytime
09/28/20 - 11/23/20 (9 weeks)


Join this welcoming community of music makers! This class involves caregivers in the music making experience. Together, we create a rich environment so the children can integrate musical information in the way that is best for them. There will be singing, moving to the beat, chanting, listening, exploring musical instruments and lots of fun! A high quality recording, a songbook and a parent guide are included in the fee. Music Together® is an internationally celebrated program, come find out what the buzz is about!

Upcoming Meetings
10/26/20    Anytime Monday 10/26/20 Anytime
11/02/20    Anytime Monday 11/02/20 Anytime
11/09/20    Anytime Monday 11/09/20 Anytime
11/16/20    Anytime Monday 11/16/20 Anytime
11/23/20    Anytime Monday 11/23/20 Anytime